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BexBioTec is a young emerging start-up company that is dedicated to support your development process of new plant treatments. To this end, we offer fast biotechnological plant-based bioassays to evaluate the effect of plant treatments on the development of both dicot and monocot model plants and crops. We support you with our expertise and customize our assays to meet your needs. Therefore, we constantly improve our established tests and develop new procedures.


Our Bex-Assay supports your development process as it quickly gives you an idea of how your treatment effects either plant growth or stress tolerance (abiotic and/or biotic). It can be performed within a few days - saving time and money - and helps you to identify interesting candidates for further studies, new projects and potentially accelerates the market entry of new products. For this purpose, we developed an efficient and rapid test that facilitates the evaluation of effects of manifold plant treatments like, for instance, biostimulants on plants. The flexibility of our test system enables us to work equally with dicot and monocot plants and varieties at any developmental stage – from seedling to adult plants. Moreover, we can support you in finding the best application parameters for your plant treatment.

If you are interested in our services or if you need more  information, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Speed up your development (of new scientifically validated products)

Save money (for your research and development)

Improve your market position (advantages over competitors)

Get more agility and less failing developments

More varieties of tests and many possibilities of operation

checking dose dependency

testing best formulation


  interesting substances

testing effect on different plant species

bio-active product

What can we do for you?

consulting on



bio-active product


We offer classic plant growth assays to give you an overview of the effect of your treatment on plant biomass production. In our lean and fast setups, we are analyzing several growth parameters like biomass production, root development or germination rate.  We are constantly searching for new ways to evaluate plant treatments to complement our product portfolio.

Several of our projects are performed in collaboration with the Westphalian Wilhelms-University Münster (WWU). We help to improve the technology transfer from university to economy and give you the opportunity to profit from innovative methods from cutting-edge research - like molecular analysis of your products (amino acid composition, sugar analysis, element analysis).


We are already working together with various medium-sized companies. For example, we are in contact and collaborate with the research and development company Synergie GmbH. In addition, we regularly correspond to new potential customers and project partners about the necessities and needs of the market to improve our skill sets.


The cultivable/arable land per person decreases fast and the so-called use-pressure on these areas continue to increase massively as a consequence of the growing world population, resource-intensive consumption patterns and drastic environmental changes. In a nutshell, a growing world population needs more food, more renewable raw materials and more energy. Accordingly, the development of new biotechnological methods to increase the efficiency of agriculture by understanding and examining the effect of environmentally friendly plant treatments plays a crucial role in modern life sciences. We want to support companies in their development of new plant treatments as best as we can by offering our innovative products and expertise. To this end, we attach importance to the following values:

For the beginning of our company, we receive financial support from the following institutes. Moreover, we are in the process of protecting our method with a patent.


eco-friendly equipment

big,  specialist network  other  


Personal contact in different ways, also to the researchers

Individualized / Personalized solutions and fast results

Research and  development of our products


Our team consists of different specialists for different tasks of the company. This variation enables us to do our daily tasks in the best possible way and also to adapt to new challenges as smoothly as possible .


Dr. Rebecca Melcher

Founded our company

and regulates organizational tasks. Also developes 

new methods and realizes

the main tests.

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Dr. Tobias Weikert

Researches and developes

new products and tests

and also tries to find

new ways to get a better market position.

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Dr. Katharina Eitzen

As a phytopathologist with profound background in molecular biology and bioinformatics she develops new assays.

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Dr Rebecca Melcher
Founder | CEO
Dr Tobias Weikert
Research | Development Manager
Dr Katharina Eitzen
Research | Assay Development

M.Sc. Moritz Nickels

Is our expert for horticulture, sensor technology and lighting. He is responsible for the digitalization of plant cultivation.

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B.Sc. Judith Ryll

Conducts (bio-) informatical tasks including RNA-seq analyses, digitalization & automatization and is in charge of PR.

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Robin Friederici.jpg

Robin Friederici

Trained BTA, currently studying analytic chemistry at the University of Hamm-Lippstadt. He joined our team as a working student.

MSc Moritz Nickels
Research | Horticulture Scientist
BSc Judith Ryll
Data Science | Bioinformatics & PR
Robin Friederici
BTA | working student

M.Sc. Niklas Hielscher

Was one of our first team members. He is now working as an innovation manager at WFMG, keeping in close contact.

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M.Sc. Dominik Schmidt

Dominik was working on the LignoLIPP project, we are collaborating on with partners from the university of Münster and Norway.

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Gerlinde Kruckenbaum

Supported our team during a five-month research internship within her studies of bioengineering at the univerty of Rhein-Waal.

MSc Nicholas Hielscher
PR | Junior Product & Content Manager
MSc Dominik Schmidt
Research | BTA
Gerlinde Kruckenbaum
Research | Internal

We are always searching for interesting young people to join our BexBioTec team. You are studying in M. Sc Biosciences, Biotechnology or a comparable master's program, feel free to contact us. We are offering interesting projects within crop plant based biotechnology for master or doctoral thesis. We are working intensively with the Westphalian Wilhelms-University (WWU) of Münster and therefore keeping close contact to several work groups. 

Open positions

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